Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lack of posting

I have been so bad about trying to post reviews and stuff. I have been trying to at least keep the list of books I've read up to date. So I'll try to write a couple now.

Bill Myers, Forbidden Doors books 1-3
I read these after a friend recommended them. They're super quick, about 110 pages a piece. The series follows a brother and sister who recently moved to California. They have both made friends in their new school, but there's a group of people who don't like them. This group is into the occult, and Scott and Becka are thrown into all kinds of different situations regarding spiritual and physical battle. Myers really works to show the power and love of Christ and how Scott and Becka learn more about Him. I have only found one problem with the books so far and that is in the first book, The Society. Myers writes that the Bible states that human spirits cannot be contacted and cannot be spoken with. 1 Samuel 28 says this is possible (please note: it does not say that it is right or good). Other than that, I've found it an interesting series to read so far. I'll probably keep reading it as I find time.

P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast, The House of Night series
So I like my teen vampire books. This was also recommended by a friend. I enjoyed the first five books (book 6 is due out late October), although the last couple have a number of typos. It's something I can ignore, but there are days I wish that I had had a chance to go through it all and fix the errors. Each book is a quick read, which is nice for having a quiet evening at home or a flight for a business trip. I wouldn't necessarily call it an awesome series, but it is fun for taking a break from real life. And that is what I've been needing for a bit.