Thursday, May 14, 2009

Christopher Paolini, Eldest (audio) & reading/writing

Definitely better than Eragon. I seriously enjoyed this one. Although at this point, I'm fantasied out and I cannot bring myself to begin Brisingr. I can't even really write about it because I have a serious need for other topics and genres.

I'm even writing no fantasy now. I need something else. So I'm in the works of creating a more romantic sweet story. I finally got the basic plot line together and now I need to really get the idea of how I want it to work and how I want to write it.

I'm also planning my first RP that I will be running. Josh and I are doing a Hero-based WWII RP. He's running the European Campaign and I'm doing the Pacific Campaign. I finally have all of the base material for probably a year's worth of the campaign. I do not know anything about WWII, so I'm using it as an excuse to do some fairly intensive research. This will certainly be interesting.

John Eldredge, Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secrets of a Man's Soul

The male counterpart to Captivating. I enjoyed this one, but not as much as Captivating. Probably because I am female and relate better to something that discusses a woman's soul more than a man's soul. I used this as a jumping board for trying to understand a male character I'm writing for. I recommended it to my father, who absolutely loved it. And hopefully Josh will get to read it before too long.

Christopher Moore, You Suck

A week before Turn Coat came out, I was perusing the library looking for audio books to keep me entertained. I knew I'd be driving a few hours during a business trip and that I'd need something to keep me from exploding while waiting for the Turn Coat release. I hadn't really read any other Christopher Moore (I own Lamb but haven't read more than a few pages) and came across You Suck. I knew that it would be humorous, so I picked it up in hopes that this would help the waiting process go by.

Well, it was definitely the right pick. While it took me a few CDs to decide that I actually liked it, I found it light-hearted and entertaining. And Abby Normal is hysterical (speaking of, I saw a t-shirt last night paying homage to Abby Normal). She was definitely my favorite part of the story. I'm definitely interested in reading/listening to some of Moore's other work.